New Year’s Eve warning from Welsh Ambulance Service

THE Welsh Ambulance Service is urging people to follow the Welsh Government guidelines ahead of New Year’s Eve and to respect emergency workers.

The Omicron variant of Covid is expected to spread very quickly and put pressure on the NHS in Wales.

With that in mind, the Welsh Ambulance Service is asking that people protect themselves when heading out to parties this New Year’s Eve.

Only 30 people are allowed to gather inside and 50 are allowed outside, though it is recommended that people should only mix with three households other than their own.

The ambulance service is asking that people take a lateral flow test before heading out to any gathering.

Lee Brooks, director of operations for the Welsh Ambulance Service said: “We hope everybody had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and got to spend some precious time with their loved ones.

“But now it is time to focus on the future and the health of the nation whilst protecting our vital healthcare services and those who work in it at this time of unprecedented pressure.

“Omicron is a real threat, and easily transmissible, so it is important to put yourself in the best position possible to avoid infection by practicing good hand hygiene, taking regular lateral flow tests, avoiding unnecessary social contact and always wearing a face covering in shared spaces.

“Also, your best line of defence against serious illness is to ensure that you and your family are all fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and have received your booster jab wherever possible.”


There is also a plea for people to respect emerency workers after it emerged that there are around eight attacks on emergency workers in Wales daily.

Considering that many people will be enjoying the new year with alcohol, it is important to stay respectful of emergency workers.

Mr Brooks said: “With around eight attacks on emergency workers in Wales occurring daily, we would ask the public to work with us, not against us and treat our staff with respect.

“We understand it is frustrating if you have to wait for emergency care, but remember our staff are normal people trying to do their job and do not deserve to be assaulted or abused in any way.

“Consuming alcohol only in moderation, eating before you drink, having transport home arranged and avoiding high risk activities such as fireworks are all sensible ways to safeguard yourself and our emergency and healthcare services this New Year.

“We wish everybody an enjoyable evening and health in the year ahead.”

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