New ‘ONE WAY PEDESTRIAN STREET SIGNS’ installed in Barry and Cowbridge

There are “ONE WAY Pedestrian”  signs installed on Cowbridge and Barry footpaths.
Unfortunately the Vale Council has not pre-warned residents or explained to them what their thinking of this is and how they see it working.  I assume they are, with the best intentions, trying to protect everyone from the COVID19 bug in some way. Although the signs may send out the wrong message.
Unfortunately the signs are not clear.
Logically speaking (and this may be wrong) I imagine one footpath will have the signs facing ahead and if you cross the road the signs that side will be facing in the opposite direction?  I doubt if it means pedestrians are not allowed to walk back down the street or cross the road to gain access to shops on the other side, or walk miles to get back to the car parks!  I would hope it only means the Council is trying to organise and protect people when shopping now the shops are allowed to open.
There will be queues outside shops now so all I can say is until this is sorted out please be aware of these queues and that social distancing is still important as the Coronavirus COVID19 has not gone away.  We still need to be careful.

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