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New 2nd Generation of the Gx Suspension Pillow so loved by Silversurfers members

The 2nd generation of the amazing Gx Suspension Pillow has now been launched and is having an even bigger impact than the ground-breaking original. Having listened to feedback from customers, including hundreds of Silversurfers members, Alexander Miles, the inventor of this revolutionary pillow, has improved the design still further.

The patented internal ties still provide supreme comfort and support but the pillow now features a 100% cotton shell with an integral air vent to help keep the pillow cool. This air vent is cleverly concealed at one end and allows the pillow to work like a bellows as the sleeper moves in the night, pushing out warm air and sucking in cool air. The filling is a special new blend of hypoallergenic synthetic fibres, Polycoz, specifically formulated for even greater comfort; a perfect mix of conjugated hollow fibres for loft and bounce, slick solid fibres for softness.

Actor Rula Lenska continues to love the Gx Suspension Pillow, she was surprised and delighted that something advertised as “life-changing” could turn out to be exactly that. Suffering from chronic neck and back problems, Rula tried the pillow and discovered that it made a huge difference to her, in her words the pillow is “positively magical for my neck”. Harley Street Consultant and specialist in musculo-skeletal pain, Dr Deane Halfpenny, is another passionate supporter of this extraordinary pillow. Having damaged his own spine he used the pillow and was moved to send in an unsolicited testimonial, saying ““I can honestly say that your pillow has made the world of difference…and fully endorse your pillow as being quite unique in its ability to maintain support throughout the night.”

The magic that Rula Lenska identified is in the way the internal ties work. They form two crosses through the centre of the pillow and are sized in such a way that once the pillow is filled they pull the sides in stopping the pillow from spreading and flattening. Instead of flattening the pillow naturally pulls in and up to cradle the head and neck like no other. It’s no surprise that so many customers who have searched long and hard for the perfect pillow claim that the Gx Suspension Pillow has put an end to their misery. The pillow stays supportive all through the night to help you stay asleep all through the night. No wonder they call it the pillow that puts a smile back on your face.

Order your pillow now at or on Freephone 0800 316 2689.

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