Nest Newsletter – Spring 2022 edition

Energy crisis: advice and support

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Nest Partner Newsletter

In what is a tough time for everyone, we’d like to say thank you for your continued support in helping us support people across Wales in keeping their homes warm.
The energy price cap rise announcement will have caused worry in homes across Wales, with rising fuel bills and cost-of-living increases putting even more pressure on households.
Nest will continue to do its best to support these households with free advice around energy saving, money management and benefit entitlement, as well as free energy efficiency support packages for those who are eligible.
We’re also sharing practical advice across social media and our website to help people make small changes that can make a big difference.
With your support, we will continue to support people in Wales who are struggling to heat their homes.
Team Nest
Energy crisis: top tips
As well as free advice from our team, we have been sharing practical energy saving tips on social media. Even small changes can add up:
  • Save £14 a year by switching your lights off when not using them
  • Turning off electronic devices left on standby can save £40 a year
  • Only filling the kettle up with the water you need can save £8 a year
We want people to know that changing habits is a cost-effective way of reducing the energy you use around the home. Our free Top Tips for Saving Energy guide includes advice that could save people over £260 a year – download below and feel free to share with your networks.
Energy Know How
Citizen’s Advice have teamed up with Energy Saving Trust for the #EnergyKnowHow campaign to help people manage their energy bills.
As well as energy saving advice, it also includes key information about what to do if someone’s energy supplier goes bust and access to grants like the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Payment.
Partner profile: Care and Repair Cymru
Care & Repair Cymru’s Annual Conference 2022 took place in February and we were excited to support the event as exhibitors. We are proud to work with Care & Repair in helping older people keep their homes warm.
We recently caught up with Jo Harry, Project Manager for 70+ Cymru, to find out more about the important work Care & Repair do.
Jo Harry, Care and Repair Cymru
Hi Jo! Tell us a few things about yourself and your role with Care & Repair Cymru.
I work for Care & Repair Cymru, a housing charity that’s improving homes and changing lives for older people in Wales. We represent the movement of independent Care & Repair agencies, who are doing so much to help older people stay independent at home for as long as possible.
I manage our home energy project, 70+ Cymru. Don’t be fooled by the name: 70+ is not an age restriction – it relates 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius – the ideal all round temperature for a home.
Care & Repair agencies help people aged 60 or more (50 or more if you have sensory difficulties), who either rent their home from a private landlord or own their home.
70+ Cymru is an Energy Redress funded project; Energy Redress gives charities like ours great opportunities to deliver much needed services to people. We can give advice, we can help navigate difficult energy bills and complicated tariffs, we can give people practical support and even arrange for home installations which improve a home’s energy efficiency. The more heat efficient a home is, the less energy needed to heat it: less energy equals lower bills.
How do Care & Repair work with the Nest scheme?
I work with a wonderful team of Home Energy Officers right across Wales, every one of my colleagues is passionate about helping people stay warm and safe at home. We have a great relationship with the Nest team, together we have helped people enjoy such positive outcomes:
“In south-east Wales a person contacted us – they had no heating, no funds and they felt there was nowhere to turn for help. Our Home Energy Officer, Rhian, visited them and carried out a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment.
“Our client lived away from the mains gas grid and had been relying on an oil central heating system until their boiler stopped working. Our client had no means to pay to repair or replace the boiler.
“Rhian could see that our client was eligible for a NEST assessment, she worked with our client to prepare and apply to the NEST team and was successful. Our client received a new, efficient boiler and a fully functioning heating system, they are thrilled, warm and delighted with the way the installation was carried out from start to finish.”
What do you hope to achieve in 2022?
These are challenging times; many people are struggling to meet basic costs of living. In April 2022, energy suppliers in the UK will further increase the cost of home energy, adding pressure onto household budgets. My ask to people who are worried that they will not be able to stay warm and pay their bills is: please reach out to services like ours. There is lots of help available in Wales, lots we can do on 70+ Cymru to help people stay warm, and there are rules in place to make sure energy suppliers conduct themselves responsibly. If 70+ Cymru cannot help we will do our utmost to connect people with an organisation that can.
As the energy price cap increases in April 2022, we will be campaigning. We will share stories from the 70+ Cymru team; videos; small, affordable measures that people can take to save energy; links to energy saving tips and more. You can support and chat with us on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook.
If you would like to connect with 70+ Cymru, please contact [email protected].
Working in partnership
As well as the Care & Repair Cymru Annual Conference, our Partnership Development Managers, Peter Hughes and Dylan Mclellan, have had a busy start to the year.
Dylan at a recent event
After almost two years of virtual meetings, it has been great to get back out-and-about in communities. Dylan has been attending DVSC’s Living Well, Living Smarter drop-in sessions across north Wales alongside partners in Dŵr Cymru and more who are helping improve people’s financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.
Pete has also been on the road, visiting Llandovery Town Centre to support residents with energy advice alongside Llandovery Town Council. Pete also delivered an online energy saving advice session with Links, a mental health charity based in Llanelli. Find out more.
Thanks again to all our partners for their support, especially during these challenging times.
Pete at a recent event
Nest Partnership Development Managers
Looking ahead
With the end of the 2021-22 Nest programme year fast approaching, we’ll soon start work on our Annual Report to highlight more about the support we’ve been able to provide this year. We’re also looking forward to a number of public outreach events to remind people that we are here to help.
As always, if you have any questions or would like to find more about Nest, please feel free to contact your local Partnership Development Manager.
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