Neighbourhood Watch: Virgin Media Faults – Telephone Scams


Our victim support team have alerted us to a Virgin Media scam that seems to be trending. Recent victims have all said the same: they have reported a fault to Virgin Media and then received a call from someone purporting to be from Virgin in relation to the reported fault.

This is extremely worrying because the victims believe they are talking to the genuine company.  One victim reported a fault to Virgin Media on the Friday and was advised they would receive a call on Monday. The victim did indeed receive a call on the Monday, but sadly it was from the scammer, and lost a considerable amount of money. The scammers are either asking for remote control access to the victim’s computer or asking for bank details.

We have received numerous reports over recent days. This matter has been referred to Virgin Media.

Please be alert to this scam and warn others.  Service Providers would never ask for bank details in such circumstances, nor should they require access to customer’s computers/devices.

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