Nathan Wyburn’s new book to support Cardiff and Vale Health Board

A NEW book celebrates the work of an Ebbw Vale artist and our unsung heroes over the last year is released today – with all funds going to a health board charity.

Nathan Wyburn has created the book called ‘2020 Diary of the Artist Nathan Wyburn’ in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s charity – of which Mr Wyburn is a patron and where the funds will be going. It has been released on the anniversary of the first UK lockdown – March 23.

“It’s been a strange 12 months,” said Mr Wyburn. “As I’m a patron of the Cardiff and Vale health charity, we teamed up to produce this book. We pulled it all together as a diary with every page noted with a date in chronological order from March 2020 to March 2021. 12 months of my work with all the pieces of work I created.”

The book contains 144 pieces of art created by Mr Wyburn throughout the course of the pandemic. He has continued to highlight important events and scenarios by immortalising them in his artwork. “The idea came about as I comment and reflect on the times. I’ve not just focused on celebrities [over the past year], I’ve also focused on the everyday people as well. The everyday heroes that have been making a difference in our communities, healthcare and whatnot.”


Included in the book are the NHS worker collage highlighting the frontline workers – which is now visible at multiple hospitals in Wales, Gareth Thomas for his work raising awareness of HIV and many more. “I created a lot of tributes and commissions for people around the world of their friends and families, some of them still with us and some of them lost, using things life coffee. All of these are in the book.

“When you look back you remember certain events and certain things, for example when I made artwork of Boris Johnson with protein bars and Kamala Harris during the general election, you remember the times, dates and stories.

“I think it reflects the past 12 months really well. I’m really honoured and really pleased with it. It’s my third book and I’m really pleased I’ve released it today.”

The book still contains all of Mr Wyburn’s trademark quirky artwork including the celebrity portraits but also has a strong focus on the healthcare side of things. There is also a quote page which includes comments from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board CEO Len Richards and celebrities including Sir Tom Jones, Kelly Ripper, Christina Aguilera and Russell T. Davies.

2020 Diary of the Artist Nathan Wyburn is available for £15 plus delivery from

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