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N T S S C A M A L E R T 4th October 2021


Doorstep scams

Rogue builder from Tiverton jailed

17th September 2021A rogue builder from Tiverton has been sentenced to 27 months in prison, the majority of which was for fraudulent trading.

Lee Brent Butler, 40, of Gale Way in Tiverton, pleaded guilty at Exeter Crown Court to fraudulent trading in a prosecution brought by the Heart of the South West Trading Standards Service. more

Rogue trader pleads guilty to fraud

24th September 2021Roofer Alfred Stephen Milner, of South Kirby, Pontefract, has been handed a 12-month Community Order, a curfew and banned from working in the trade until further notice after pleading guilty to fraud at Sheffield Crown Court. more

Telephone scams

Lewis Bloor trial: Towie star ‘left £3m diamond scam for ITV show’

22nd September 2021

The Only Way Is Essex Star Lewis Bloor fell out with “fellow fraudsters” after he left an alleged £3m diamond scam for “some poxy show”, a court heard.

About 200 people, mostly elderly, were duped into buying coloured diamonds after being told lies about their value, prosecutors said. more

Shropshire victim loses £30,000 to fake BT caller scam

24th September 2021

Criminals pretending to be from BT have been calling people and asking them to download an app in order to ‘help’ them check their account.

Once the app has been downloaded, the criminals are able to access the victim’s online banking and use this to manipulate them into sending them money. more

Be vigilant – courier criminals targetting Churchdown

27th September 2021

Gloucestershire Constabulary is warning residents to be vigilant following courier fraud incidents targeting residents in Churchdown over recent weeks.

On three occasions residents have been targeted by criminals claiming to be an officer who told the victims that their bank card had been used fraudulently at a supermarket before asking for personal details to be provided. more

Online scams

UK car insurance scams: ghost broking, crash for cash & more

22nd September 2021

Car insurance scams costs the industry millions and can push up premiums for drivers. Criminals can target drivers by making false claims in an attempt to profit from their policy. more

‘Mule’ regret it: Cash-strapped Brits warned to avoid ‘easy money’ adverts

23rd September 2021

Cash-strapped students and other people are being warned to watch out for money mule recruiters – as nearly a third say financial concerns would make them more likely to consider offers to make “easy money” – even if they appear suspect. more

Money launderer ordered to pay £213,000 after selling students places at fake Bath college

23rd September 2021

A convicted money launderer has been ordered to pay back more than £200,000 after he sold foreign students places at a non-existent college in Bath.

Sanketkumar Patel was involved in a scam which saw students sold places on a business course at ‘Prior Park College’ – the name of a real college in Bath, but in no way associated with the one Mr Patel was pretending to represent. more

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