N T S S C A M A L E R T 27th July 2020

Doorstep scams

Public warned of rogue traders in East Ayrshire

20th July 2020East Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland have joined forces to stamp out doorstep crime and bogus callers by supporting the national Shut Out Scammers campaign. more

Rogue roofers warning after victims scammed out of thousands of pounds

21st July 2020The criminals have been knocking on doors in and around Norwich to tell people that they had “seen problems” with their homes, including cracked and unsafe chimneys and that urgent repairs were needed. more

Telephone scams

EE launches new identity check platform to tackle fraud

17th July 2020

EE has launched a new Digital Identity platform aimed at helping businesses protect their customers from fraud and identity theft. The service offers online checks in order to verify a customer’s identity in real time, along with other tools for combating fraudulent activity. more

Face masks scam as criminals imitate police

17th July 2020

Criminals targeting residents of the Outer Hebrides have been claiming to be police and castigating people for not wearing face masks. more

Online scams

Warning as criminals send thousands of authentic-looking but bogus TV licence payment demands

17th July 2020

TV Licensing chiefs and Sussex Police have warned the public to be on their guard as criminals have been sending out thousands of authentic-looking but bogus TV licence payment demands by email. more

Warning issued over Amazon Prime phishing scam

17th July 2020

A scam where criminals pose as Amazon customer service staff to steal personal information has been flagged by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

It warns that people are being contacted with emails and phone calls claiming they have opened an Amazon Prime account. more

Dodgy Lego site disappears after taking orders

14th July 2020

Bigger brands can be easy targets for fraud, in some cases you’ll be paying for counterfeit goods while other sites simply list non-existent bargains before disappearing with your money. more

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