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N T S S C A M A L E R T 25th January 2022

Doorstep scams

Police warning of rogue trader patio and driveway cleaners operating in Rushcliffe

15th January 2022Work is carried out, but prices can then be increased and cash from ATMs excepted. Nottinghamshire Police PCSO Jodie Turner said:

‘We have had a number of calls regarding door-to-door traders in the Rushcliffe South area. The males are offering driveway and patio cleaning as well as various other home repairs’. more

Rogue trader conned his ‘second mum’ out of £33,000

17th January 2022A “rogue trader” forced an elderly woman to cut down on her food and heating bills as he conned her out of nearly £33k.
Michael Lynch, 38 of Wordsworth Avenue, Widnes, was first introduced to his 75-year-old victim by a neighbour in 2019, Henry Riding. more

£530,000 court bill for ex-Bradford social worker who conned vulnerable victims

19th January 2022

A former Bradford social worker who funded a lavish lifestyle using cash swindled from vulnerable victims has been ordered to pay back almost £530,000.

Hillary Tideswell, 65, was jailed for seven years and nine months in July 2020 for what the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said was an “appalling abuse of trust”. more

Telephone scams

Fake NatWest ‘new device registered’ texts

12th January 2022

Fake texts claiming to be from NatWest stating that ‘a new device has been registered’ with your account are circulating. more

‘I nearly lost money to convincing bank text scam – this is how I stopped it’

14th January 2022

A bank customer nearly caught out by a sophisticated fraud attempt has revealed how he accidentally foiled the scam by not answering a particular question.

Jack Ashton, 24, was targeted by criminals who had set up a fake bank website and even managed to look like they were calling from a real bank number. more

Fraud victims warned against becoming repeat targets

19th January 2022

Victims of fraud have been warned to be on their guard after it was revealed they’re more likely to be targeted a second time.
The plea came from North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin after he was told their details are often put on lists and sold on the dark web. more

Online scams

Criminal’s wife only found out he stole £15m when armed police arrived at their home

16th January 2022

The ex-wife of a notorious financial criminal has denied any knowledge of his activities, only finding out when armed police raided their Borehamwood home.

Hannah David, now a Conservative party activist and planning consultant, was married to the infamous Ponzi scheme architect Freddy David until evidence of his criminal wrongdoing came to light. more

Social media firms should refund users who have been scammed on their sites, MP urges

19th January 2022

Social media companies should refund people who have been defrauded by scam adverts on their platforms, an MP had urged.

Julian Knight, chair of the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee, said it was a “disgrace” that firms had not put in place sufficient safeguards to stop scam artists paying for advertising space on users’ feeds. more

Romance criminal posing as Nicolas Cage scammed vulnerable woman out of thousands of pounds, says Victim Support

20th January 2022

Online daters have been warned about the dangers of fake celebrity profiles after a woman was duped out of thousands of pounds by a romance criminal posing as Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. more

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