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N T S S C A M A L E R T 20th February 2023

by Martyn Jones
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Doorstep scams

Care Professional Helps Stop Doorstep Scam

07th February 2023

A care professional from Shawclough helped prevent her elderly client from falling victim to a doorstep scam and is now urging the community to be more aware of how vulnerable their elderly relatives are.

Scams targeting older adults are sadly all too common, with many criminals thinking of seniors as prime targets because of their retirement savings or because they may live alone and are more likely to be at home during the day. In fact, 85% of victims of doorstep scams are aged 65 and over, according to National Trading Standards. more

Warning Against Criminals Targeting Residents with Doorstep Crimes

13th February 2023A number of incidents have been reported across the Alford area as the council has heard of doorstep callers offering roofing work and cleaning services to residents.

“Residents are reminded that they are under no obligation to engage with individuals or businesses that have called at their home uninvited or agree to any work or purchase goods that they may offer.” more


Telephone scams

30+ Ways to Stop Scams

07th February 2023

Scams can come from any angle, whether by text, call, email, letter or online. And they’re becoming more sophisticated all the time – continuing to deprive people of often life-changing amounts of money. The guide in this article explains what to look out for, how to protect yourself and what to do if you’re a victim of a scam.

The best way to prevent criminals from getting their hands on your hard-earned cash is to know how to protect yourself in the first place. This article contains some top tips on how to spot, avoid and protect yourself against scams. They aren’t all fail-safes, but they can help you think before you act. more

SCAM ALERT: Fake Automated Calls Claiming to be Banks and Card Companies

22nd February 2023

UK Finance is warning consumers to stay alert for suspicious automated phone calls pretending to be from their bank or card company, after dozens of reports of similar scams over the past week.

With this scam, customers will receive an automated call claiming that a suspicious transaction has occurred on their account and needs to be verified. The customer is then prompted to press a number on their phone to be taken through to a supposed ‘agent’, who is actually a criminal.

All consumers are reminded that banks or the police will never contact you asking for your online banking password or for you to transfer money to a new account for fraud reasons. more


Online scams

Consumers Warned of Online Scams Ahead of Black Friday

23rd February 2023

UK Finance is warning people to be alert to online shopping scams, as more customers are expected to turn to the internet for Black Friday bargains this year.

As one of the UK’s busiest shopping and bargain-hunting period approaches, recent intelligence from the banking and finance industry suggests there has been a rise in purchase scams with criminals exploiting consumers shopping online for common gifts, such as games consoles, bicycles and clothing.

These scams also involve home improvement and DIY purchases such as patio heaters and sheds, as criminals adapt to more people staying at home and choosing to invest in their homes and living environments. more


Second-Hand Shoppers Issued Scam Warning

23rd February 2023

More and more Brits are buying “pre-loved” items online. Whether it’s through popular re-selling apps or social media marketplaces, there has been a second-hand and vintage boom in recent years.

In fact, data shows 20% more Brits are buying pre-loved clothing than they were two years ago. And the most recent series of Love Island saw the show teaming up with eBay to encourage buying pre-worn garments.

But using resale sites does put buyers at risk of being scammed. One individual recently reported losing £1,100 when buying an iPhone from an illegitimate seller on Facebook marketplace. more

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