N T S S C A M A L E R T 1st November 2021

Doorstep scams

Rogue trader threatened couple over driveway work, court hears

21st October 2021A rogue builder pressured a Brighton couple into handing over thousands of pounds after he ripped up their garden then doubled his bill, a court heard.
Myley Connors, 19, has pleaded guilty to defrauding Dr Arsinah and Dr Ambrose Boles at Brighton Magistrates. more

Brits warned over Amazon ‘brushing’ scam that could see mysterious parcels arrive on your doorstep

29th October 2021The British public have been warned of a “brushing” Amazon scam that sees mysterious, un-ordered parcels arrive at homes. more

Telephone scams

Police alert over criminals trying to sell vitamins to elderly people

20th October 2021

Police in North Wales have issued a warning about criminals trying to sell vitamins over the phone to elderly residents who have not had their Covid 19 booster jabs yet.
Police say the vitamins which are being offered at a high price are unlikely to have any medical value. more

Phone companies to block scam calls from abroad that are masked behind a UK number

26th October 2021

Phone companies have agreed to block the majority of internet phone calls made from abroad where it looks as though the call is coming from a UK number.
This so-called “number spoofing” tactic is commonly used by criminals to encourage the recipient to believe a call is legitimate, which means they are more likely to answer it. more

Online scams

Criminals con victims out of £4.7 million in three months

21st October 2021

According to West Mercia Police figures, 1,629 fraud offences were reported between May and July this year, with an average financial loss of £5,778.

The force has now brought in specialist “Cyber Protect” officers to focus on cyber criminality including fraud, which is commonly committed online. more

Criminals trying to convince people to ignore ‘no match’ bank transfer warnings

21st October 2021

Criminals are trying to convince people to ignore “no match” warnings when the bank account they are transferring money into does not match the name of the person they think they are paying, according to a regulator. more

Flintshire Trading Standards warning over fake Tesco ‘free prizes’ email

22nd October 2021

Criminals claiming to be from Tesco are sending out emails offering ‘free prizes’ in an attempt to steal people’s bank details.
They are targeting potential victims with an email asking them to fill in a survey for a chance of winning prizes. more

Warning issued about fraud which has seen house buyers lose millions

26th October 2021

Home buyers are being warned about a spike in scams that have seen victims defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
The National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) has launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness of Payment Diversion Fraud (PDF). more

Friends Against Scams

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