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N T S S C A M A L E R T 19th December 2022

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Postal/doorstep scams

‘Numb with shock’ – Pensioner hit by criminals five times issues warning

3rd December 2022

An 85 year-old repeatedly targeted by criminals has issued a stark warning as data shows 25 percent of all scam victims are aged 65 and over more

Oldbury woman conned out of more than £50,000 over 30 years warns others to be aware of criminals

9th December 2022A woman who was tricked into sending an estimated £50,000 to criminals over the course of 30 years has urged people to be aware in the run-up to Christmas.
The victim, who lives in Oldbury and is now a pensioner, said she felt “stupid, ashamed and embarrassed” for having sent criminals her money since the 1980s. more

Telephone scams

Four jailed over £200,000 pensioner phone scam

13th December 2022

Criminals who scammed pensioners out of £200,000 by claiming to be police officers have been jailed. The four contacted victims by telephone and told them their bank accounts had been targeted. more

Families urged not to fall for these common cost of living scams

14th December 2022

Many families are struggling for money at the moment because of the cost of living crisis and it means two things: more heartless criminals are looking to exploit vulnerable people, and the most desperate are likely to take up any cash-saving offers that come their way. more

Online scams

Scam emails impersonating big brands Amazon, DHL, Currys, Aldi and ASDA warning

5th December 2022

Scam emails posing as well-known brands are spoofing online discounter Living Social’s email domain. They have nothing to do with the brands involved or Living Social. more

UK travellers issued scam warning as Europe visa launches next year

5th December 2022

Brits heading to Europe are being warned to look out for a major travel scam which could cost them hundreds of pounds.
In 2023 the Etias European visa waiver will come into effect, which enables those who are eligible to enter the Schengen Area and remain there for up to 90 days. more

Beware puppy scams this Christmas

5th December 2022

Hounslow’s Animal Welfare Team urge residents to look out for the warning signs of a ‘animals on sale’ from puppy farms.
No matter how often animal charities tell us not to buy pets for Christmas, we do, and sadly many would-be pet owners are scammed. more

PayPal email scams are back: how to spot a dodgy message

8th December 2022

Criminals are exploiting PayPal’s ‘request money’ feature to scare people into calling a dodgy phone number and giving away their personal details.
Criminals are sending fake emails requesting payments for items such as Apple computers, Sephora gift cards and Waitrose shopping trips. more

Christmas shoppers warned of loan fee scams

14th December 2022

Consumers need to be extra vigilant this Christmas as loan fee scams are on the rise, with cases already up by a fifth on last year.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is launching a campaign for shoppers to not fall victims to the scam as criminals pile on the pressure at Christmas. more

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