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What can you tell us about Islands?

“The song highlights loneliness and the need for care for older people, which is an important message during this current crisis. As well as being from The Only One EP, it is also part of a trilogy that goes on to tell the tale about an older man, who is retired, being looked after by his carer. The next two chapters will follow their journey together.”

What was your personal impetus for writing it?

“It’s based on seeing a world of isolated older people, who have been in their homes for some time, not just during the COVID-19 outbreak but before that too. It could not be more pertinent to our here and now, from the first line, ‘I don’t ever think I’ve ever been as lonely as you…’”

Why did you decide to donate proceeds to Age UK?

“We all know someone in our family or on our street whose living situation has been compromised and needs assistance. Many older people are disinclined to seek support from their neighbours, family or friends. Knowing there is a professional body they can reach out to for support provides solace, as some older people may be too proud to explain their circumstances to their peers, or not want to be seen as a burden.”

How did you become aware of the work of Age UK?

“We’ve known about Age UK’s work for a long time. We were reviewing the finished animation for the song as the world was waking up to the consequences of coronavirus. We wondered what the older man featured in the video would do if he didn’t have the good fortune to have a carer to comfort him. Having asked that question, we thought of Age UK.”

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