Met Office predicts heavy rain in South Wales this weekend

ALTHOUGH some may be hoping for (or dreading) snow in South Wales it doesn’t seem to be on the cards this weekend.

Met Office has predicted a cold and wet weekend across South Wales this weekend, with heavy rain on Saturday.

Temperatures in South Wales are predicted to be no higher than 10 degrees Celsius – here’s what to expect:

Saturday (January 8)

A cloudy and breezy day with heavy rain, with maximum temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius.

Met Office has predicted a rainy start to the day in South Wales with heavy rain, gradually easing into lighter showers at around 2pm in the afternoon, before clearing in the evening at around 6pm.

There are currently (at the time of publication) no weather warnings for rain in South Wales. At the time of publication Natural Resources Wales has not issued any flood alerts or warnings.

But heavy rain can make roads more hazardous. People driving in heavy rain should slow down and leave more space between themselves and the drivers in front. They should also be considerate of other road users and pedestrians; drivers who deliberately splash pedestrians face a fine of up to £5,000.

Sunday (January 9)

A clear start to the day changing to cloudy in the afternoon with rain possible.

Met Office has predicted maximum temperatures of eight degrees Celsius, but likely to feel colder than that, with temperatures to feel between one and five degrees Celsius.

The day will start cool but clear, with cloud expected from around 3pm.

People are advised to keep their house warm when it is cold outside to avoid the risks associated with breathing in cold air, such as chest infections. People heading out are advised to wear several layers of light clothes, rather than one thick layer, as the layers help trap warm air.

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