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Memories of the 70s – when Ford Escorts ruled the road and Play School was on TV

SHOCKWAVES were sent through Sully in July 1971 after the body of a woman was found on the beach. The woman was found battered to death in a makeshift grave on Sully Beach following a search after she failed to come home from sunbathing. Local residents were left stunned by the news. A police appeal for information was launched in that week’s Penarth Times.

Meanwhile, Penarth council supported plans for an office block next to the council offices at Stanwell Road. The offices could accommodate 150 people and 51 parking spaces.

The Cefn Mably Hotel gave its lounge a makeover. The extension, in gold and orange decor, could welcome 140 guests and included a colour television and electric organ.

In this year you could rent a colour TV for £9 a month and watch hit TV shows such as The Goodies, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Jackanory and Play School.

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