McDonald’s to add customers’ number plates to bags to catch litterers

Fast food giant McDonald’s has shared plans to deter littering after suggesting printing car numbers plates printed on food packaging.

It comes after the Welsh government explored the possibility after Plaid Cymru reported that there had been a rise in rubbish since the first lockdown during the pandemic.

Chris Howell, Swansea Council’s head of waste, parks and cleansing, shared that the idea could work but would have some drawbacks.

As Howell said in a climate change corporate delivery meeting: “The Welsh government has explored with McDonald’s, or their franchises, whether or not they could print number plates of cars collecting takeaways from their drive-throughs with a view that that would discourage people from discarding their [litter].”

However, many were unsure if customers would be happy with the potential initiative.

As Howell continued, saying: “If McDonald’s do it, then people will just go to Burger King instead of McDonald’s because nobody wants to have their private details printed on that packaging” according to Nation Cymru.

As he added: “I think it’s a really good idea but at the minute it’s fraught with some difficulties.”

Back in 2020, Plaid Cymru started a petition in aid of fast-food chains printing number places on drive-thru packaging.

As the government shared that littering was not acceptable and a new plan with businesses was needed to tackle the issue.

McDonald’s has previously tried to tackle the issue of littering.

Previously a branch in Weymouth Dorset abandoned packaging for a day seeing chaos as people were handed chips and burgers with no packaging.

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