Make walking safer under lockdown!


Let’s make more space
for physical distancing

The demands of physical distancing have seen cities around the world respond with ingenuity, reorganising public space and reallocating road space to make it safer for people to walk or cycle.

Now we need towns and cities in Wales to follow suit.

Take a minute to email your council and ask them to reallocate road space and make it safer to walk and cycle during the Covid-19 lockdown.

At this time, it’s vital that we can all walk and cycle safely – be it keyworkers getting to their jobs or people taking daily exercise and going to the shops.

As we all know, this means keeping at least two metres away from others. This isn’t easy on some narrow pavements, and walking in the road is no better as vehicles speed up along streets that are quieter than normal.

Here’s where you come in

Widening pavements, filtering streets, lowering speed limits, even pedestrianisation – all are options councils are already looking into.

Do you know of streets near you that need space reallocated to those on foot?

Using our simple online form, write to your local councillor and ask them to do what they can to put people first on local streets. You can even tell them which areas they need to prioritise and why.

Let’s put pedestrians at the top of the transport hierarchy, starting now.

Take care, stay healthy and stay happy,

Sarah Philpott
Comms Coordinator
Living Streets Cymru

PS Please remember: Walk locally. Choose open spaces. Wash your hands when you get home. And above all, remain two metres apart from others.

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