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With International Walk to School Month about to kick off next week, we will focus on how we can make school walking routes safer and cleaner. Check out ways you can be part of the movement.

3 in 5 children NEVER play out on their local streets.

Children playing on our streets and local playgrounds were once a mainstay of cities and towns, but children are playing outside less. To combat this, one campaigner in Monmouth took action and has created a new play space in her community.

Government told to end Pavement Parking.

We have backed a call from the Transport Select Committee calling on the Government to stop stalling and introduce a pavement parking ban.

Something exciting is happening in communities.

Our Local Group network are campaigning up and down the country to reclaim their streets and neighbourhoods and improve them for walking. Watch our film about the power of Local Groups and join or start one with our support.


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