We are looking to further promote the Llantwit Major Garden Project and will be working with the Police Youth Volunteers (PYVs) through the summer holidays.

There will be a training event for the PYVs at Crawshay House on the 29th July from 11am to 2pm, where the students will have a health and safety session in how to use the equipment and will also carry out some gardening work for the housing complex. The students will then be treated to a buffet lunch afterwards as a thank you.

Twice a week through August we will be carrying out low maintenance garden work for vulnerable and elderly persons in Llantwit that are Vale Homes tenants and are unable to carry out gardening work. We will be doing 2 hour sessions twice a week. Dates to be confirmed.

The reason I am emailing, is that we are looking for volunteers to help us out, who are keen or knowledgeable gardeners to work with us and the PYVs at these sessions each week. It wouldn’t have to be all the sessions, it could just be one or two, but we were looking for volunteers that could help with steering us in the right direction of what work needed to be done and making sure work was carried out correctly and sensibly.

I was wondering if you could assist with your contacts to see if there would be any Llantwit residents willing to get involved with this and volunteering? Plus coming along to the lunch on the 29th and partaking in the buffet to say thank you?

All volunteers will be provided with time banking vouchers for each hour donated to help, which can be redeemed at local community venues and businesses. Please refer to www.timecredits.com for more information on where the time credit vouchers can be used.

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