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Is than an increased risk of coronavirus for older BAME people?

Is there a greater chance of the worst outcomes for BAME people?

As well as being more likely to have been at risk of catching the virus than white older people, the available evidence suggests that BAME older people are also more likely, once they’ve caught the virus, to die from it.

The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) collects information on people in hospitals across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are seriously ill with coronavirus. They have found that 34% of people who have been admitted to critical care in the UK with coronavirus were BAME. The chances were much higher for BAME people than expected: if BAME and white people had the same chances of being admitted to critical care, only 22% of those admitted would have been BAME. They also found that BAME people were more likely to die in critical care: 39% of white people died compared to 45% of Asian people and 42% of black people. [6]

These differences must at least partly be due to the inequalities in health we see across the population. BAME people are more likely to have some of the underlying conditions, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease, which increase the chances of the worst outcomes from coronavirus. These health inequalities, which are exacerbated by coronavirus, are due to experiences of social and economic inequalities, and racism, across BAME people’s life courses.

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