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Instagram’s best ‘fortunate’ plants includes orchids & more

Many societies across the globe think certain plants have the power to bring luck, love and prosperity to your life. With Wales currently under Level Four lockdown, amid a global pandemic, a bit of good fortune would be welcomed by many.

DIY community, DIYS.com investigated what the most popular ‘fortunate’ plants are on Instagram – with the orchid, which supposedly brings luck in love, topping the charts with more than four million Instagram hashtags for orchids.

For those looking for better luck with finances the best plants are:

  • The paricha money tree with more than 175,000 hashtags.
  • The jade plant with more than 123,000 hashtags.
  • The rubber plant with more than 118,000 hashtages.

And the most ‘Instagrammable’ plant for energy cleansing – according to this research – is the snake plant.

Below are the 10 most popular ‘fortunate’ plants on Instagram based on data from February 15, 2021.

Barry And District News:

Below is more information about the top five, with the number of hashtags accurate at the time of collecting data (February 15).


Barry And District News:

The most popular plant to bring good fortune on Instagram is the orchid with 4,493,089 hashtags.

While common, potted orchids can offer more to your life than looking pretty in your living room – according to Feng Shui, the orchid can bring you fortune in love.

Snake plant

Barry And District News:

In second place is the snake plant with 408,636 hashtags.

If you feel like the vibes are off, the snake plant is said to be great at exuding a strong protective energy while absorbing any poisonous gasses from the air and protecting the household from negative chi.

Peace lily

Barry And District News:

The third most ‘Instagrammable’ plant is the peace lily with 180,029 hashtags on Instagram.

According to feng shui, peace lilies have the ability to clean any negative energy in your room.

Pachira money tree

Barry And District News:

In fourth place is the famous money tree with 175,698 hashtags on Instagram.

Sadly it doesn’t actually grow money, but it is meant to bring great financial fortune to those who have it – more than 100,000 people on Instagram tried their luck by getting it and making it Insta famous!

Jade plant

Barry And District News:

The fifth most ‘Instagrammable’ plant is the jade plant, with approximately 123,785 people on Instagram posting about it.

The jade plant is said to bring people prosperity and success.

What’s your favourite plant? Did it make the list?

Let us know in the comments.

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