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Information about the clinics, including the animation, is on this website:

The virtual clinic has had a number of people have appointments with a physio since it started, and some recent feedback from one of the people who had accessed it is below (via her daughter), and this gives you an idea of who this clinic is aimed at supporting as it is very much about early intervention:

My mother is a very active 75 year old, still working as a teaching assistant 2 days a week.

She has always been very active and walks every day, timing herself to ensure that her fitness levels have not dropped.

She received a shielding letter in March, which had caused her fitness and wellbeing levels to drop.

I had noticed a change in both her emotional and physical wellbeing. She was appearing unsteady on walking and standing.

She contacted the service on the 1st July, the team responded immediately.

My mother felt very reassured by the phone call. She was happy to talk about her concerns and felt listened too and really appreciated the time taken to advise her of how she could access the exercise programme. She opted for a letter to be sent with an exercise programme for her to follow. She has been practicing these exercises daily and feels that they have helped her, both her emotional and physical health. She is now feeling more confident and steady and looking forward to the time when shielding is over. She has told others of the service and has recommended that they sign up and to increase their exercise which will help not only with their balance, but also their wellbeing.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the Stay Steady Cardiff team, you have helped my mother increase her confidence and kept her focused on her fitness levels. She is raring to go!

Looking forward to seeing some of you (on the screen!) later


Cheryl Williams

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