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How to take control of your future health

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew more about our wellbeing and health to the point that we could keep ahead of a problem rather than always reacting to it? 

The reassurance and peace of mind it would bring that you are in control; control of your future, control of your time. And wouldn’t it be refreshing if this could be done in a convenient and highly personalised way? 

For the past four years MySense has been working with NHS trusts, local government and charities, developing such a product which is now being released to the public for the first time.

MySense founder and CEO Lucie Glenday, built the business on the principle of using data for good, meaning customers have complete ownership of their data, how it is captured, used and who has access. 

‘We are a technology company, yes, but this is about people. We are there to support and provide additional insight into an individual’s wellbeing allowing them to have greater control in managing their future,” said Lucie. 

MySense offers a smartwatch and eight passive sensors discreetly placed around the home, capturing data which is analysed by artificial intelligence, to create your own digital portrait which can be accessed by you anytime, anywhere. 

During difficult times of lockdown restrictions, MySense has brought comfort and confidence to people and their families that everything is “ok”. The technology has also helped connect people by bringing more insight and truth into conversations as people can share informed MySense notifications with family, friends or neighbours about their overall wellbeing. 

“I was worried about it at first but my daughter wanted it from the start. You get used to it. No, actually you don’t because you just forget about it. That’s what I like. I just have to remember to plug in and charge the watch. I know I’m fine and my family doesn’t need to worry– Mrs P, West Sussex*. 

MySense can inform hydration and diet, identify signs of physical deterioration, pick up early infections, and even the risk of falls, but the potential is even greater. 

You don’t have to have ‘needs’ to benefit, instead this is about ageing well, using MySense to help you make the best decisions for the future. 

Register your interest for the first public release via the Indiegogo website here


*Name anonymised for privacy


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