How to get Netflix Sex Education’s Ruby Matthews look with PrettyLittleThing

SEX Education returned to our screens last week with season three, and social media went crazy.

Not only were people going mad for the return of the hugely popular Netflix show, but also for Ruby Matthews’ outfits, particularly her heart denim jeans.

PrettyLittleThing saw a huge 675% increase in searches for the jeans following the show’s return.

The actress Mimi Keene, best known for her previous role on Eastenders, has been a fixture on the hit Netflix dramedy since the beginning, but in many ways people feel like they are now just seeing her for the first time as she takes on a bigger, more sensitive role in this series.

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And what makes her shine so bright is her iconic outfits, inspired from across the decades, which people are going crazy on Twitter for. 

PrettyLittleThing reports that demand for her heart jeans has increased by 675% alongside a 253% increase in demand for her pink skinny jeans which occurred as the show was released

On top of this, the character is also being praised for her on trend accessories, with resin rings, big hoop earrings and not to forget her incredible sunglasses which she incorporates into all looks. 

Mimi Keene has admitted that she and Ruby don’t share much in personality traits, but they do share a love for sharp fashion.

The actress said: “I like to dress up and wear heels in very inappropriate places, which Ruby loves to do as well. That’s probably one of the most fun parts of playing her, and this season is no different. She has some incredible outfits.”

How to get Sex Education’s Ruby Matthews’ look

Here are some of her most popular looks and how to steal her style: 

The Retro Denim Look 

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  1. Blue Heart Printed Straight Leg Jean, £24.00 
  2. Mid Blue Wash Denim Button Up Sleeveless Crop Top, £4.00

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The Sweetheart Look

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  1. Pastel pink 5 pocket skinny jeans, £20.00 
  2. Pink Gingham Printed Woven Sleeveless Top, £3.00 

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The Little White Dress

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  1. White Scuba Rib Contrast Zip Through Bodycon Dress, £17.00
  2. Yellow Washed Cropped Denim Jacket, £20.00

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The Lace Up Look

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  1. Dark Wash Girlfriend Oversized Denim Jacket, £30.00
  2. Denim Lace Up Ripped Crop Top, £6.00
  3. Yellow Check Print Mini Skirt, £5.00

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The Queen of Accessories

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  1. Flower Resin Ring, £5.00
  2. Gold Dainty Charm Necklace, £4.50
  3. Light Olive Transparent Sunglasses, £24.00

You can stream Sex Education season three on Netflix now.

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