Highlight Park most complained about issues.

1) Footpath car parking – dealt with in previous email today.  Often there is no room for a mother to get past while pushing her child in it’s pram. Difficulty for a pedestrian to pass by on the footpath, or a resident walking their dog. There is potential danger to someone elderly or visually impaired, a mother and child, a youth on their way back from school, or a dog walker who are  all forced to go on to the road .
2) Litter – There are litter bins provided by the Council and Tesco.  Please use them for your litter, drinking bottles etc (DO NOT DISCARD them on the ground)  YOU CAN take your rubbish home to be put in the recycling bags collected by our Council every week.    Your discarded items are putting children, adults and animals at risk.- WHY? – because thoughtless, lazy people just throw it away instead of safely placing it in a bin or taking it home.  We pay the Council to pick up our rubbish weekly in the bags provided to use, but our Council Tax is continually increasing to accommodate the extra work they have to do…
Ask yourself – are we contributing to this? Ensure also that our young folk understand too.  For instance:-
GLASS BOTTLES – BROKEN, JAGGED GLASS is frequently found on the estate, even outside the children’s play park!.  It causes danger to our young children as well as adults and animals.-  – Think, Who has to clear it up? We can be more responsible.
FACE MASKS – are worn to protect us from the virus. We cannot see if the COVID 19 CORONAVIRUS is on the mask. Please safely dispose of your face mask in a bin. .. Think – who has to clear it up? We can be more responsible.
OTHER LITTER – food waste and sweet wrappings are often littering the area on the way to the school when school is open. If you don’t want to carry it with you please use the bins. Have some respect for your local environment .  It is nice to see clean streets not littered ones. Think -, who has to clear it up? We can be more responsible. 
PLEASE THINK of the consequences of your discarded items.
3) Dog fouling. – has become worse.  Some people are not picking up their dog faeces while others pick it up in the plastic bags and throw it in people’s gardens, in bushes or just drop it yards from a Council bin!  Unfortunately there are those who don’t even bother to clean up after their dog, or let it relieve itself in someone’s open plan garden!
Residents’ complaints are increasing. 
Who is responsible for cleaning up dog faeces  -Dog walkers are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and it is a punishable offence not to.
Fines range from £150 to £1,000.  There are Fixed Penalty Notices for dog walkers who drop a plastic bag containing dog mess.
All residents have the ability to report a dog walker to the Council’s Dog Warden Section if they see someone not cleaning up after their dog.
You can give the time seen/ the area/breed of dog/confidentially name the dog walking offender if you know them.
 Ada Flinn
Group Coordinator
Highlight Park Community Neighbourhood Watch

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