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Health news from the BBC for October

Breast cancer: Call for genetic screening for all

Offering every woman diagnosed with breast cancer genetic screening would save hundreds of lives each year, a study suggests. Read more

How our cells sense oxygen wins Nobel prize

Three scientists who discovered how cells sense and adapt to oxygen levels have won the 2019 Nobel Prize. Read more

Secondary Sisters: Friends with incurable breast cancer set up support group

Two women with incurable breast cancer whose lives were “flipped upside down” by the diagnosis have set up a group to offer hope to others. Read more

Surge at mental health website after royal ad

A mental health website struggled to cope with demand after a promotional video voiced by the dukes and duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex aired on TV. Read more

Summer heatwave ‘death spike’ seen in UK

There was an increase in deaths when Britain had its hottest day on record this summer, provisional figures for England and Wales show. Read more

Long-term Lyme disease ‘actually chronic fatigue syndrome’

The majority of people who believe they have a chronic form of Lyme disease are more likely to have chronic fatigue syndrome, experts suggest. Read more

Social media has ‘little effect on girls’ wellbeing’

Getting enough sleep and seeing friends may have a bigger effect on teenage girls’ mental wellbeing than social media use, a report suggests. Read more

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