Health meetings

Health group meeting on 9th July.

Chair’s report 9.7.19 Agenda health group 9.7.19

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  1. I am not a member of the 50+ Forum but at 57 I come under your remit. I am not a brilliant person for interacting with other people as I am diagnosed as autistic and I am semi-blind to social cues etc. I am retired from the Civil Service after 34 years service and I believe in self medicating (not drugs though) as I am unsure as to the future of the NHS, sadly. I am against Brexit very strongly and I am aware that your forum is non-political per se but I would like you to know where I stand in my outlook. What I basically ask is that may I attend the meeting as a bystander with a view to seeing if I can be of use to you in any way. I believe in health for myself and attend a gym and run. So, if you can use a retired Civil Servant, I am ok with IT and act as a Champion for Newydd Housing both in Llantwit and Cowbridge libraries. Good luck with the forum and I look forward to hearing from you.

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