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Ghosts of Glamorgan book on sale now

A VALE of Glamorgan archaeologist and author has released a book covering some of the Vale’s ghost stories.

Karl-James Langford took the step into the paranormal after being inspired by partner Michelle Harrhy – who provided the illustrations for the book.

Ms Harrhy suggested doing ghost walks alongside his historical walks through the Vale.

“At first I wasn’t a believer of ghosts until having my own experiences while on these walks,” said Mr Langford.

His experiences have been included in the book along with a number of other people’s who have been in touch with him to tell him about their experiences.

“I’ve found with the ghost stories, that people want to tell you them and you have to write them down when they tell you as otherwise if you go back to them they may not want to talk about it.

“Unlike archaeology and history, ghosts are not there forever, they are fleeting moments.”


One of the stories highlighted in the book shows how fleeting they can be. Mr Langford saw a ‘black shuck’ while on one of the walks at Merthyr Mawr, however on the numerous times they had been back there, nothing was seen.

There are more books in the works too. With a second Ghosts of Glamorgan book on the way.

You can get Ghosts of Glamorgan part 1 for £11 from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ghosts-Glamorgan-Discusses-Account-Glamorgans/dp/0952939452, by emailing [email protected], by contact Karl-James Langford on Facebook or by visiting http://booksfromarchaeologycymru.weebly.com/

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