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Free exercise videos for over 50s you can try at home

With the prospect of having to spend more time in our own homes due to self-isolating and also that many exercise classes and gyms are closing their doors, we still need to stay fit and healthy.

If this is disrupting your exercise routine and making it impossible to get out and about, don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun and challenging workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home that will help you build strength, increase fitness and lose weight.

Need inspiration? Here are a few simple ways you can move your exercise routine indoors at home.

Try pilates

Pilates is an excellent way to stay in shape and improve your fitness at home – you can do it in a relatively small space and don’t need to invest in any bulky or costly equipment to have an effective workout. This ‘gentle’ form of exercise won’t put too much strain on your lungs and heart and helps you gradually build up your strength and flexibility over time through a series of simple, repetitive exercises. You can read more about it and how to get started in our guide to strengthening your body through Pilates.

Roll out the yoga mat

Like pilates, yoga is an excellent way to get some exercise indoors. It can build strength and stability and help with flexibility and even relieve stress – what’s not to love? You can sign up for a yoga class at your local studio, or better yet, give it a go at home with the help of an online workout. Find out more about Yoga in our guide to the benefits of yoga for over 50s.

Lift with kettlebells

Instead of investing in a set of free weights, you can build strength at home – and save space – by working out with kettlebells. These round shaped weights come with a handle and are effective for both strength and cardio training. There are dozens of diverse exercises you can do to work nearly every muscle group in the body. Learn more with our guide to building strength with kettlebells.

Get aerobic

While modern workouts may have usurped the classic aerobic workouts so popular in the 70s and 80s, these videos are still a great way to stay fit and workout from home. Heart-pumping exercises can help burn fat, boost energy and stimulate the mind – perfect for when the weather makes it impossible to go walking outdoors.

In addition, the  Green Goddess – the original keep-fit queen of the 80s – is making a comeback on BBC Breakfast. Eighty-year-old Diana Moran will be doing exercises three times a week from self-isolation so viewers can follow along at home.

How do you like to stay fit?

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