Former special constable found guilty of misconduct

A FORMER special constable committed a trio of incidents of misconduct at Barry Police Station – including one in which he slapped a colleague on the behind – a hearing has found.

The former officer – referred to in the report issued by South Wales Police as ‘Special Constable C’ – was found to have committed three acts of misconduct at an accelerated misconduct hearing by Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan on Friday (January 14).

The former special constable, who resigned from the force on November 1, 2021, was found to have:

  • Slapped the behind of ‘Police Constable A’ while on duty at the mess room at Barry Police Station;
  • Raised his hand in an attempt to slap the behind of ‘Police Constable B’ immediately after doing so to PC A, but refrained when challenged by PC B;
  • Made a comment about the appearance of PC B (following the above offences) in front of numerous other officers, causing her to feel embarrassed.

The hearing found that, had Special Constable C not already resigned, he would have been fired for the offences.

In the document on the outcome, Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan states: “Former SC C has failed to act with self-control and tolerance and has not treated two female police officer colleagues with respect or courtesy.

“His actions have brought discredit on the police service and are capable of undermining the confidence of the public in policing.

“My decision on outcome is that I am satisfied that former SC C would have been dismissed had he not resigned… This type of misogynistic behaviour and any type of sexual harassment at work will not be tolerated and I have no hesitation in the dismissing the officer.”

The disgraced former special constable will be placed on the police barred list – as the findings and outcomes will be referred to the College of Policing, in accordance with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020.

You can read the full decision on the outcome at

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