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Final statements for two defendants in Barry murder case

DURING the ongoing trial over the death of a teenager in Barry, jurors heard closing speeches on behalf of the final two defendants.

Seven members of a gang stand accused of killing 17-year-old Harry Baker from Cardiff on August 28, 2019. His body was found stripped and with several stab wounds at Barry Docks.

Those accused are Raymond Thompson, 48, Leon Clifford, 23; Lewis Evans, 62; Ryan Palmer, 34; Peter McCarthy, 37, all from Barry, Leon Symons, 22, from Ely in Cardiff, and a 17-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons.

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At the trial on Tuesday, prosecutor Greg Bull QC gave his closing speech on behalf of Lewis Evans, who is alleged to have been the getaway driver, driving a Nissan Juke, on the night of Harry Baker’s death.

Mr Bull took the jury through Mr Evans’ activity on the evening of August 27, 2019, including the meeting at Hillary Rise when all the defendants were present.

“If he is part of a plot, if he is part of the team, why on earth isn’t he staying (at Hillary Rise) to join in the fun – the plotting, the planning?” said Mr Bull.

“He doesn’t he goes home and stays there for forty minutes before he is called back out. He took them to Little Moors Hill where the Crown say an ambush had been plotted.

“When could he have participated in this plot? What would he know about it? He had no opportunity to participate in conversation.

“He goes to Little Moors Hill and he pulls into Old Mill Road, not some dark, discrete little lane.

“The Nissan Juke pulls up; he’s got his lights on. We know that there are lights in the area, and he pulls into Little Mill Road. He reverses into it. He’s still got his lights on.

“Now if anything was likely to attract the attention of passers-by, it was that car reversing into the road at that time of night.”

During cross-examination, it is noticed that the lights on the car “go off for a matter of seconds or so” before they are switched back on.

Mr Bull said: “What is the point in putting lights out for a matter of seconds and then putting them back on?

“If this was a plan to attack Harry Baker there and then, and Mr Evans knew of it, I asked rhetorically, why didn’t he just stay parked in Old Mill Road with his lights on?

“If Mr Evans is the getaway driver, well, he is the daftest getaway driver in the world because instead of staying nearby minutes before Harry Baker comes on the scene, he’s gone off towards Victoria Park Road – a dead end.

“He’s in Victoria Park Road for seven minutes. At no time while the confrontation is taking place any of the boys ring him up saying ‘Lewis come quickly’.

“Mr Evans says he does not know Harry Baker or Louis Johnson and there is no evidence to suggest he is wrong about that.”

Siobhan Grey QC gave a closing speech on behalf of Raymond Thompson, also known as Paddy.

Ms Grey said: “Paddy Thompson was nowhere near the terminal where Harry Baker was stabbed or stripped of his clothes, when he had his phone and drugs taken from him, or when Harry Baker lay dying there.

“The significance of the walk along Cardiff Road and turning right at the roundabout demonstrates he played no part in what happened at the intermodal yard.

“That behaviour and those actions show he played no part, held no shared intention in a plan to cause really serious or any harm.

“It was a series of unfortunate events which led to Paddy Thompson being on Little Moors Hill at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


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