Fake parking penalty notices and rogue roofers

Parking penalty charge phishing email

A fake email claiming to be from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service is doing the rounds in an attempt to steal your bank details. Not only do the scammers give you a fake fine, but they take it a step further by threatening to take you to court if it’s not paid within their given deadline.

We show you what the email looks like and provide our top tips on how to spot scam emails.

Fake phishing email
Rogue roofers

Fraudulent roofers have been attempting to con people out of their money by knocking on doors and telling them they’re immediately available for work as they’re ‘in the area’. This has been ongoing since February and complaints about rogue cold-calling roofers to the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) remain high.

Read more to find out how these rogue roofers operate and advice from the CORC on how to avoid falling victim.

Dodge the rogues
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