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Election candidate in Carmarthenshire loses vote by toss of a coin

Election candidate in Carmarthenshire loses vote by toss of a coin

An election candidate in Carmarthenshire has lost an election down to a toss of a coin. David Darkin and fellow Labour candidate Philip Warlow were level on 596 votes each in the vote for the Bigyn ward.

It meant that it had to be decided by a guess of heads or tails, with Mr Warlow guessing correctly. The bitter disappointment for Mr Darkin was made somewhat better by the news that his mum, Janet Williams, took one of the available three seats in the same ward.

The full results for Bigyn saw Ms Williams elected with 621 votes, together with Michael David Cranham with 758 votes, and Mr Warlow with 597 votes.

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Voters will choose 75 councillors today – one more than currently – in Carmarthenshire, so 38 will give a party a majority. Up until now there have been 58 wards but the number has been reduced following a review by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales, although some have partially merged to form new ones. The review was to try to ensure a more equal voter-councillor ratio.

You can follow the election as it happens by clicking here.

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