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Domestic abuse and sexual violence survivors encouraged to seek help during firebreak lockdown

Specialist services remain open and are available to help victims of harm or abuse during the fire-break lockdown. Perpetrator services, which work to prevent incidents of domestic abuse from happening, also remain open and will continue to provide support.

Times of crisis can result in an increase in incidents of domestic violence, and home is not always a place of safety.

It is vital, if you are at risk, that you should seek support straight away. You will not be in trouble if you need to leave your home to seek help, and specialist services are open and operating, refuges will take referrals, and support is available to help you.

I want to emphasise this – if you are in danger or need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse, you are allowed to do so – you will not be in trouble. You can cross county boundaries and travel wherever necessary, and specialist services can help find you suitable emergency accommodation and support.

I urge communities, friends, neighbours, postal workers and delivery drivers across Wales to look out for each other, and act as the eyes and ears for victims of abuse who need help. These are scary times for all of us, but those at risk of abuse could be hanging on to life by a thread.

It is very important, for your safety and the victim’s, that you don’t intervene yourself, but you can help by calling 999 in an emergency or Live Fear Free (contact details below). You could be saving a life.

If you or someone you know is suffering physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a partner, here are some ways to get help:

If you are worried about your own behaviour, you can get non-judgemental help by contacting the Respect Phoneline: Tel: 0808 8024 040.

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