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Doctors encourage Brits to stay hydrated as temperature continue to climb

Doctors at science-led consumer healthcare company Clinova are urging people to stay hydrated as summer temperatures continue to increase, now expected to reach highs of 34c. The heat wave comes at a time where the public continue to wear masks in enclosed spaces, as mandated by the Government.

Rates of poor hydration rose considerably following the increase in temperature this summer so far according to user symptoms reported by users of Clinova’s Caidr wellness app.

Also, when worn in hot temperatures, masks can mimic the effect of an extra layer of clothing and can make wearers feel even warmer.

Dr Caroline Meehan, a GP practising in central London, and part of the Caidr app team said: “Most people underestimate how much they need to drink, especially on hot summer days. People are worried they have a urine infection as they describe it as smelling ‘strong’ and looking ‘dark’, when in fact this implies they suffering from poor hydration.

“I tell my patients to drink enough to get a light-yellow colour when they go to the toilet, and this will help fight against urine infections.

“Extreme poor hydration puts the kidneys at risk too. We see this most often in our elderly population, or those with other health conditions, and we only know after doing blood tests. This can cause serious problems and may mean being admitted to hospital.”

To help people stay healthy, Clinova recently launched a version of its O.R.S Hydration tablets with added Vitamin D, a crucial ingredient for maintaining a healthy immune system. The leading Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has stated that taking a Vitamin D supplement can improve patient response to acute respiratory tract infections, such as COVID-19.

While drinking water is crucial to staying healthy, especially in warmer weather, Clinova’s O.R.S Sport Hydration Tablets support good hydration.

Formulated to World Health Organization standards, Clinova’s O.R.S Hydration Tablets add an electrolyte mix to water that helps the human body absorb fluids quickly, restoring an optimal level of hydration.

While squash or soft drinks may seem like a good choice to cool off and up fluid intake, drinking water with an ORS tablet dissolved in it provides a much better way of staying hydrated. By adding a soluble ORS tablet to their usual drink, people can keep more hydrated for longer, helping reduce the risk of poor hydration and its complications.

Dr Tom Bracewell, Chief Medical Officer at Caidr, said: “While the current hot weather may seem like the perfect time to soak up some summer heat, our risk of poor hydration rises and it becomes more important than ever to keep ourselves hydrated. This is an important part of staying healthy, especially when the body is faced with challenges such as extreme heat or illness.

“While O.R.S is a great part of staying safe in the heat, we must also remember that if we spend long times in the sun we should use a good factor of sun cream to block harmful UV rays, as well as slipping on a shirt, slapping on a hat and wearing some sunglasses to help protect our eyes – and if you have caught a few too many rays take a break in the shade.”

O.R.S. tablets are now widely available both in shops and online. Stockists include Holland and Barrett, Boots, Amazon, Wiggle, Morrisons and local pharmacies across the UK.

In addition to O.R.S, Clinova’s Covaflu respirator masks are helping meet the increasing demand for PPE. Clinova has also released an updated version of its digital healthcare app Caidr, which, in addition to helping users assess common medical issues, offers an innovative way to promote social distancing and keep vulnerable people safe.

Stockists include:, Boots, Amazon, Wiggle, Morrisons and local pharmacies across the UK.

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