Dinas Powys traffic lights are still broken

A DINAS Powys pedestrian crossing serving a busy road is out of operation for the second time in a few weeks.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council were made aware of an electrical cable fault at pedetrian lights at Cardiff Road/Elmgrove Road, Dinas Powys. The lights have been switched off for public safety reasons and to allow for the problem to be fixed.

However, with children going back to school soon, councillors are worried about safety.

As of yet, there is still no sign of temporary pedestrian lights at Cardiff Road/Elmgrove Road, Dinas Powys.

Plaid community councillor, Chris Franks, said: “Apparently there is an electrical fault that could put people at risk.

“The lights are dated and should have been replaced by the Vale Council.

“We are calling on the Vale to give this issue top priority.”

“The power supply was suspect and the Vale says it has to be isolated. Now the whole crossing has been closed.”


A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of this issue, which relates to an electrical cable fault. For public safety, it has been necessary to turn off the crossing whilst the defect is corrected. Western Power Distribution has been contacted and we are advised that a repair will be carried out in the next couple of weeks.”

Plaid community councillor Chris Franks has said it was vital that temporary lights were provided as urgently as possible.

“These lights were damaged due to an accident and equipment had to be quickly replaced. It turns out that the electrics and signals are old and should have been totally replaced. This is yet another example of a lack of maintenance in Dinas Powys.”

Fellow councillor Keith Hatton said that the situation was very unsatisfactory. He said: “Motorists need to take extra care at this location. There’s a serious need for urgent action before something terrible occurs.”

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