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Dinas Powys councillors react to bypass plans moving forward

COUNCILLORS have reacted to the news that the Dinas Powys bypass plans are moving forward.

The Weltag Stage 2 report on the feasibility of the Dinas Powys bypass was presented to the Vale of Glamorgan cabinet on Monday, March 8.

The new road would be built from the Merrie Harrier junction on Cardiff Road, around the east of Dinas Powys, re-joining Cardiff Road just south of Green Lane.

Four ward members for Dinas Powys welcomed the content of the report, which stated that the bypass could also help congestion, journey times, air quality, noise pollution, road safety, and better pedestrian crossings within the village.

The road will likely cost about £31 million. No funding has been secured yet from the Welsh Government. But the next stage, pending a successful public consultation, would be for the consultants to write up a full business case and for the Vale council to bid for the funding.

Councillor Vince Driscoll said that the study is “very positive” and the project should progress to the next stage.

“We will be dependent on the Welsh Government for funding for this next crucial stage,” he added.

“Prior to this there will be a public consultation and we hope that the residents of Dinas Powys will continue to give us the considerable support that they have demonstrated since we engaged this process.”

Councillor Andy Robertson added: “The report demonstrates that the bypass is not just for Dinas Powys.

“It will, undoubtedly, benefit the village but offers far more in terms of connectivity throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.

“Dinas Powys without a bypass is becoming an increasingly serious bottleneck in the South Wales corridor.

“We feel, very strongly, that a bypass around Dinas Powys will benefit the economies of Cardiff, Barry, and the whole of the southern Vale including Rhoose Airport.”


When asked about the implications for traffic levels, Councillor Rob Crowley said: “With the increase in housing development in the Vale, it is important that the infrastructure to support that development should not lag behind.

“For too long we have been building more and more houses on a creaking Victorian infrastructure. This is unsustainable.

“At the moment traffic comes to a grinding halt in Dinas Powys and huge amounts of pollutants are released into the atmosphere by stationary cars.

“It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to reduce traffic pollution is to keep the vehicles moving. Hopefully, with the governments initiative to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, pollution will become less of an issue as we move over to electric vehicles.”

An additional benefit of the scheme would be that Cardiff Road would no longer be considered a major road, as councillor Steve Griffiths points out.

“At the moment it would be impossible to close the A4055 through Dinas Powys as it is a major trunk route,” he added.

“The culvert bridge adjacent to Caer Odyn in Southra Park, which carries the A4055 between Dinas Powys and Barry, has been identified as an important element in the cause of flooding in that part of the village.

“With the bypass in place, the A4055 could be temporarily closed so that the necessary realignment of the bridge could take place.

“It might not remove the risk of flooding completely, but it would certainly be a help.”

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