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Creative uses for rubber gloves

When it’s time to upgrade your old pair of rubber gloves, instead of throwing them away, try one of these fun and creative uses instead! 

Protect your walls from scratches

Cut the fingers off a pair of rubber gloves and place over the handle of a mop or broom to prevent it from scraping the walls if it slides or falls. This also works well with interior door handles in tight spaces – if you have a door handle that sticks out, the finger of a rubber glove can help prevent scratches.

Add grip to your mop or broom

Likewise, the fingers of an old rubber glove can be cut on both ends and placed along the handle of a mop, broom or garden cane to help add a bit of extra grip.

Prevent slip

Speaking of adding grip, you can prevent bowls and cutting boards from slipping by creating a mat with an old pair of rubber gloves. Remove the fingers and cut along the arm of the glove to open up into a square. Trim it into whatever shape you want. To use, place it down on the countertop and put your bowl or cutting board on top – the glove below will add extra grip and keep your bowl or board from slipping.

Open jars

Old rubber gloves are brilliant for helping add a bit of extra grip to open a tight jar lid. Cut a square from the rubber glove and keep it on hand to help open a jar whenever the occasion calls.

Make your own rubber bands

Cut the top of an old pair of rubber gloves into thin strips to use as rubber bands around the house.

Make finger puppets

If you look after young grandchildren during the week, this can be a fun and entertaining craft that’s good for a range of different ages. Cut the fingers off your rubber gloves – the shape is perfect for rubber gloves. You can decorate them using permanent markers or use glue, feathers, sequins and felt for more intricate designs.

Create a toy for water play

Another way to entertain young grandchilden with an old rubber glove is by poking a small hole in the tips of each finger. When filled with water, it will pour through each of the finger holes, making for a fun bath-time game or an inexpensive toy to use during water play.

Do you know any other clever uses for rubber gloves? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

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