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Covid: Latest changes to rules in Wales expected tomorrow

THE latest steps on Wales’ road to reopening will be decided tomorrow.

The first minister is expected to confirm new guidance for the education sector, non-essential shops, and close contact services.

The Welsh Government’s Coronavirus Control Plan highlights a review to be carried out on April 1.

It is expected that all shops will be told they can open from April 12, as will the remaining close contact services, such as beauty salons.

While a full return to schools, colleges and other educations sectors will be permitted from April 12.

The changes will go ahead as long as the public health situation allows.

The control plan says: “We will review the data and intelligence every week. We will pause elements if necessary to ensure we protect the return of students and pupils to schools.

“If we need to reverse any changes, these decisions will prioritise keeping pupils in schools as far as possible.”

The latest announcement is part of Wales’ step by step move towards alert level three.

The Welsh Government warn in their Coronavirus Control Plan that a “wholesale jump” risked undoing the progress made.

They added: “A wholesale jump from alert level four to alert level three at this time would have endangered the significant progress we have made to date and our priority of returning our children, young people and students back to face-to-face education.

“We are therefore adopting a step-by-step approach to move gradually into alert level three.”


Among those awaiting tomorrow’s announcement is the University of South Wales.

They are in the process of making plans for what teaching will look like after Easter.

A University of Wales spokesperson said: “After the Welsh Government’s announcement earlier this month, that universities will be able to introduce more on-campus teaching in after the Easter break, we have been finalising plans for next term.

“How teaching will look in the summer term is still subject to the public health position continuing on its current trajectory, with the number of Covid-19 cases continuing to reduce.

“Once the Welsh Government has confirmed its position on April 1, we will be able to issue further guidance on the plans for learning after the Easter break.” 

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