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Concerns raised over woman’s final days of hospital care

A BARRY woman has expressed concerns about the treatment of her aunt in her final days.

Andrea Daniels has raised concerns as she believes that a lack of empathy was shown to her 99-year-old aunt, Violet Roney, when she was hospitalised with pneumonia and later died.

Although Ms Daniels has not blamed University Hospital of Wales for Ms Roney’s death, she believes that the sad situation could have been handled with more care and compassion.

The matter is now being investigated by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Ms Roney was hospitalised on February 6, 2020, with breathing difficulties and died on February 11. Ms Daniels, along with her daughter and husband, were with her throughout the evening prior to and the day of her death.

Ms Daniels stated that her aunt was moved into a single-bed room at around 9pm on February 10, but has claimed nobody checked on her aunt until 11am the next day, which meant Ms Roney’s pads were not changed during that time period.

Ms Daniels also suggested that keeping Ms Roney on an oxygen machine, despite her being off fluids and antibiotics, may have just ‘drawn out’ what was happening rather than helping her.


She was also upset that her aunt could not go home to die, which was her wish.

Ms Daniels said: “She was adamant that she wanted to die at home. I asked if I could take her home, but I was told palliative care would not be there until the next day and they didn’t expect her to make it that long.

“The next day I asked again, but they wouldn’t let her go home as there was a risk she would die on the journey.

“[On February 11] I complained about nurses laughing and joking outside the room when my auntie was on her deathbed.

“The nurse in charge came in and apologised and said it is a busy ward, but it was totally inappropriate.

“I am appalled at the lack of care, empathy and sympathy shown to my auntie, my daughter, and myself.

“My aunt might have been 99, but she she deserved respect and to die with dignity at home surrounded by her loved ones.”

The matter is being investigated.

A spokesman for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: “Our thoughts go out to the family at this difficult time.

“We are very sorry that the family have concerns regarding the care provided and these are being investigated.

“As a health board, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding care and would encourage individuals, families or loved ones to contact our concerns team”

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