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Cllr Rowlands answers Vale of Glamorgan residents questions.

Highlight Lane

The matter below has been investigated and a large amount of excavated material has been identified as being dumped on the grass verge outside Danes Lodge which has been cordoned off. This material is also covering the highway surface water gully which looks like it has a board over it.

 I anticipate that the concerns in relation to muddy water flowing down the carriageway is created by this situation. The Council has contacted the relevant builder / contractor and I can confirm the material is being removed this afternoon.


I can advise that the service is not ceasing to operate and should still be serving the bus stops adjacent to the Fire Station and Whitmore High School on Port Road, Barry for Highlight Park, as previously agreed.  Following receipt of your email below, I have reminded the operator (N.A.T. Group) of this requirement and asked them to remind their drivers to ensure these stops are served on request.


Recycling –

  • I am getting complaints about the blue bags (and green) blowing into the roads and concerns about the consequences of this  ( I must admit I have seen them myself too on main roads as well as the estate).
  • Concerns about where on earth people are going to store so many bags of a similar type once the new recycling system is introduced.  More bags to blow around on windy days (I suppose our newsletter has triggered this!) If people who have gardens are saying this I wouldn’t like to think what terraced house residents think.
  • A conversation that stackable boxes like Merthyr use would be better and cause less hazard on footpaths. The Council has wasted too much money on the current bags.

The blue bags should be weighted but there are some in circulation that do not have a weights. Firstly, I would advise residents to swap any that do not have weights. If it is helpful, the service area could provide a quantity for residents to collect at a central place i.e. the community centre, if this assists residents.

It is recognised that it is more difficult to control these bags in adverse weather but this is still the most sustainable system, reducing the need for approximately 100k singe use plastic bags per week as well as controlling unsustainable contamination levels that are experienced with containers such as wheeled bins.

The new service will address this issue further, as all the bags will be returned to customers inside the glass box preventing loose bags being on the pavement. If residents don’t have the need to use glass boxes, then the bags will be put inside of each other and the food caddy inside to help weight the bags down.

Historically green bags have not had weights within them but we have now copied the design of the blue bag and they all have lids and a weights in them. These are available at the normal outlets.

Litter – complaints about the amount of litter in streets.

 I will arrange for the area to be visually inspected for litter over a period of two weeks to assess the level of cleanliness.

Dog fouling – same as above.

 I will ask the officers to assess the levels of dog fouling at the same time as litter.


Cllr Leighton Rowlands

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