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Founded in 1922, Zoflora’s famous concentrated disinfectant has been a staple for households for nearly a century. 

Effective and inexpensive, it’s readily available and has a huge number of uses – one bottle can replace several other cleaning products around the home.

Thanks to celebrities like Mrs Hinch, Zoflora has lately been enjoying new popularity with people who might not have discovered it before.

Whether you’re a longtime user or a first-time fan of the cleaning product, today we’re sharing some of the cleverest uses for Zoflora. Will you give any a go?

Freshen your drains

If you have any kitchen or sink drains that need freshening up, a capful of Zoflora can quickly do the trick. Pour some down the drain, leave for a few minutes, then run the tap with hot water for another minute or two.

Clean the dishwasher

It’s a good idea to clean the dishwasher from time to time, and you don’t need any fancy products to do this. Put Zoflora where your washing liquid or tablets would usually go then run the dishwasher on empty. It will be left clean and smelling fresh again. It works for your washing machine, too!

Disinfect the floors

You can disinfect your floors and leave the whole house smelling fresh by adding a capful of Zoflora to the water in your steam mop, then use as usual. It will leave behind a fresh scent and will quickly disinfect your floors, too.

Refresh car fresheners

If you use a car air freshener that isn’t giving off much scent anymore, try this trick instead of buying a new one. Soak in Zoflora and leave to dry, then place them back in the car – they’ll be as good as new!

Keep the loo brush fresh

Put some Zoflora in the bottom of your toilet brush container to help disinfect between uses and keep the loo brush smelling fresh.

Make your own fabric freshener

Instead of buying expensive fabric freshener, Zoflora can do the job just as well. Mix a capful or two with water in a spray bottle, then lightly spray over upholstery, curtains and even your mattress.

Disinfect your favourite washing cloths

For washing cloths, sponges and mop heads, you can clean and disinfect them using Zoflora. Fill a basin with warm water then add a few capfuls of Zoflora concentrate. Leave your cloths to soak for roughly 20 minutes, then rinse, strain, and hang to dry. They’ll be clean and smell fresh as new.

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