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Clever uses for toothpicks – Silversurfers

Toothpicks aren’t just great for dental hygiene – there’s plenty of other brilliant clever and practical uses for toothpicks around the home.

Today we’re sharing a few of our favourites. Do you know any others? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

Microwave a jacket potato

Using four toothpicks to create ‘legs’ for your jacket potato will help it cook faster and more evenly in the microwave. Place two legs at the top and bottom of your potato, then balance them on your plate or tray – the elevation helps them cook faster.

Clean your smartphone or headphones

You can easily clean dust and dirt out of the small, hard to reach places on your smartphone or headphones using a toothpick. Try it dipped in rubbing alcohol for an even more thorough clean.

Light a candle

Protect your fingers by using a lighter to quickly light a toothpick and then using this to light your candle, instead of trying to light the wick directly.

Help sausages cook evenly

You can help your sausages cook more evenly by preventing them from rolling in the pan. Use toothpicks to spear two sausages together – they will lie flat and can be turned easily in the frying pan.

Remove garlic from roasts and marinades

If you are creating a marinade or roast vegetable dish that requires a whole clove of garlic, try this simple trick. Stick a toothpick through the clove and add it to your bowl or roasting dish. When it comes time to remove the garlic, you can find it easily and lift it out.

Support broken branches

Toothpicks can help prop up or support broken branches or leaves on your houseplants. Simply place a toothpick against the falling stem, then tape gently into place to help add the structure it needs.

Check soil for moisture

The same way a toothpick can be used to test if your bake is finished in the oven, you can insert a toothpick into soil to quickly establish whether it needs to be watered or can wait another day or two.

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