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Clever uses for toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes

Next time you finish a toilet roll or kitchen roll, instead of recycling the tube – save it. There’s plenty of clever ways to put them to good use in your home and garden.

Here’s our favourite clever uses for toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes…

Seed starter

Cardboard toilet roll tubes make perfect pots to start seeds before they’re planted in your garden. To make your own, cut the tube in half, then cut four slits on one end to fold into a bottom. Fill with soil, add your seed, then water. Once the seeds have sprouted, you can transfer into your plant pot.

Makeshift knife sheath

If you’re camping or caravanning and or planning an al fresco meal and need to carry a sharper knife, a cardboard tube makes a safe and effective makeshift sheath. Flatten the tube and place the blade inside, then securely tape shut.

Simple bird feeder

A cardboard tube can make a simple bird feeder for your back garden. Slather the outside in peanut butter or lard, then roll in birdseed. Next, all you need to do is place the roll on a tree branch – just make sure it’s big enough that birds will be able to sit and eat.

Fire starter

Stuff an empty toilet roll with any of the following materials to make lighting a fire easier: Newspaper, lint, paper towel, wood shavings and pure cotton rounds all work well.

Store wrapping paper

Tubes of wrapping paper are brilliant at Christmas but notoriously difficult to store. Instead of taping the ends down and wasting paper later, slide a cardboard tube over the wrapping paper to keep everything organised.

Organise spare cords

You can keep spare cords, chargers and wires organised by wrapping them and then stuffing inside an empty toilet roll tube.

Do you know any clever uses for toilet roll tubes? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 


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