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Clever uses for soda water

Soda water, club soda or carbonated water is a household staple for many, and has plenty of clever uses that go above and beyond mixing cocktails.

Here’s some of our favourite alternative uses for soda water.

Make pancakes fluffy

If you want to make your pancakes or waffles fluffier, substitute soda water instead of water and help them get the rise you’ve always wanted.

Give plants a boost

The minerals in soda water can help perk up your plants – use leftover carbonated water to water your houseplants and let them benefit rom the boost.

Soak oysters

If you want to shuck oysters next summer, this trick can help you make light work of it. Soak oysters for a few minutes in soda water to help the shells open more easily.

Clean stainless steel

Stainless steel kitchen appliances can be notoriously difficult to clean because they almost always leave streaks behind. Wipe down with some soda water instead for a streak-free finish.

Clean your windscreen

After a long drive if your windscreen is particularly dirty from insects or bird droppings, pouring some club soda over the windscreen instead of regular water can speed up the cleaning process.

Loosen rust

If you have rusted screws that struggle to open, you can help lift the rust away by pouring carbonated water over the affected area.

Remove stains

Club soda can help lift old and new stains from clothing without the use of harsh chemicals. Dab carefully over the stained area to help lift away the grease and stain.

Do you know any clever uses for soda water? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 

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