Onions are incredibly versatile – and not just for cooking! 

Here’s a few clever alternative uses for onions you can try at home. Will you give any a go?

Eliminate the smell of paint

A freshly painted room can make all the difference to your home’s decor, but often leaves a smell behind. Try this tip to eliminate the strong scent of paint. Cut an onion in half, and place each half on a dish, and set them down in opposite corners of the room. The onion will absorb the smell in a few hours.

Soothe a sting

If you get a bee sting, a slice of onion can help eliminate the initial sting. It won’t heal it however – so no need to press it on to the skin for hours at a time.

Treat burns

Like stings, fresh onion juice can also help treat mild burns and even help prevent blistering. If you burn yourself, cut an onion and use the juices as an ointment.

Keep avocados fresh

Keep your sliced avocados from browning by adding a sliced onion to the container. The sulphur dioxide released from the onion will help your avocados stay bright green.

Prevent frosted windows

If you keep your car parked on your drive or street overnight and are expecting the temperature to drop, this simple trick can help you save time in the morning. Slice an onion and rub it on your windscreen; the sugars in the juices of the onion will help create a barrier and prevent your window from frosting over too severely.

Clean a grill

With the help of an onion you can clean your grill and return it to nearly as good as new. Heat your barbecue to help burn off any larger food particles still lingering. Turn off the heat and let cool to a manageable temperature. Then, rub down with a halved onion, cut side down. This works best when speared on a barbecue fork. The onion will help lift away grime from the grill.

Do you know any clever uses for onions? Share your wisdom in the comments below 


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