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A jar of mayonnaise has clever uses that – surprisingly – have nothing to do with food at all! 

Put mayo to good use around your home with our favourite clever alternative uses for the popular sandwich spread.

Shine fake plants

If you have artificial plants around the home, this simple trick can help perk them up and make them look clean and good as new. First, dust the leaves with a dry cloth. Next, take a second dry cloth and dab a very small amount of mayo on to it – then buff the surface of the leaf until shiny.

Remove a ring

If you have a ring that just won’t seem to come off, mayo can help you slide it off without pain. Rub mayo thoroughly over your finger and the stubborn piece of jewellery, then leave for a moment or two before sliding off.

Condition your hair and relieve an itchy scalp

Mayo is a surprisingly effective leave-in hair conditioner for dry hair. Massage mayo onto your scalp and comb through the ends, then leave for 30 minutes to absorb. Then wash and condition your hair in the shower as usual. You’ll be left with a moisturised scalp and shiny hair!

Remove crayon

If young grandchildren are fond of using your living room walls as their canvas, this trick can help remove unwanted crayon without fuss. Using your finger, apply mayo over the crayon marks, then leave for a quarter of an hour before wiping away.

Polish your silver

You can remove tarnish from your silver gently and easily with the help of a little mayo! The acid in the lemon or vinegar helps remove dullness and add a lovely shine.

Remove gum from hair

If gum ever gets stuck in your grandchild’s hair or your pet’s fur, mayo can help get it out without the help of the kitchen shears. Rub mayonnaise over the gum and let sit for a few minutes, then gently slide the gum out of the hair.

Make the best grilled cheese sandwich

And for one last tip that does involve food – try swapping butter with mayonnaise next time you make a grilled cheese sandwich. It tastes much the same and grills to a beautiful golden brown without being greasy.

Do you know any clever uses for mayonnaise? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 

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