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This spring, instead of throwing away your eggshells, put them to good use around your home and garden.

Here’s five clever and unexpected uses for eggshells…

Soil boost

Eggshells are calcium-rich and break down quickly, making them a perfect soil boost for your garden plants. Crush used egg shells into small pieces and incorporate them into the soil; they break down over several months so the best time to do it is autumn or spring. You can also put eggshells at the bottom of a newly potted plant to help give them a mineral boost.

Deter pests

Another advantage of incorporating eggshells into your soil is that it can also act as a deterrent for pests like snails and slugs. Crush eggshells and sprinkle on the topsoil around your garden plants to help keep unwanted critters away.

Nurture your seedlings

Instead of tiny plastic pots or specialty seed holders, you can nurture new seedlings using eggshells instead. Plant new seeds in halved eggshells and grow them indoors; you also have the advantage of the egg carton to help store them safely!

Create an abrasive cleaner

If you need an abrasive cleaner to help clean pots and pans that is tough but non-toxic, eggshells can help. Collect about a dozen eggshells, rinse and let dry. Crush and then grind the eggshells into a powder with a pestle and mortar. In a mason jar, combine one part eggshells to three parts baking soda, then activate using vinegar. The formula can be used on grout, too.

Feed the birds

Egg shells can be repurposed into bird feed! Bake your eggshells until dry, then crush – they should crumble easily. Sprinkle into your feeder or on the ground for birds to enjoy. The calcium from the eggshells is particularly good at this time of year.

Do you know any clever uses for eggshells? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 

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