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Clever uses for banana peels

Don’t throw away the peel – put it to good use instead! 

Here’s our favourite clever uses for banana peels.

Keep your roast moist

You can keep your roast beef moist by adding a banana peel to your roasting dish. Likewise with chicken breast’ cover it with banana peel while cooking in the oven to prevent it from drying out.

Reduce puffy eyes

Like cucumber, banana peel also helps reduce puffy eyes. To make it extra refreshing, try cutting and freezing peels for 10-15 minutes first. It’s cooling and effective!

Attract butterflies

You can help attract butterflies to your garden with the help of a ripe banana. Lay out a few small pieces of banana along the peel near your garden to bring butterflies to you.

Shine your shoes

Give your shoes a quick shine with the help of the inside of a banana peel. Rub the inside of the peel over the leather, then buff away with a soft cloth.

Catch fruit flies

If you have fruit flies in your kitchen, you can trap them easily with this simple trick. Place an empty banana peel inside a plastic or glass container and cover. Either poke small holes in the plastic lid or use a piece of cling film and do the same.

Shine houseplants

Banana peels are also a brilliant natural way to add shine to your leafy houseplants. Gently rub the inside of the peel along your plant, then buff clean with a soft cloth.

Liquid fertiliser

You can make your own all natural liquid fertiliser by steeping banana peels in a large bowl or bucket of water. Add your peels, cover with water, then leave to steep for a couple of days. This will create a concentrated mix. To use, add one part fertiliser to five parts water and it’s ready to use.

Blend into a smoothie

Take advantage of all the vitamins and nutrients in a banana’s peel by adding it to your morning smoothie. Wash the banana and cut off the head and tail, leaving the peel intact around the banana, then add to your favourite smoothie recipe and blend.

Do you know any clever uses for banana peels? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 

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