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What makes Christmas, well – Christmas? Is it the trinkets? Or the food? Or the gifts?

Well, it’s all these little things that make Christmas so special.  This year, Christmas would be more special, gifts would be different – because this is the year to give our loved ones their freedom. It can be particularly difficult for people with joint and mobility conditions to undergo everyday tasks that many of us overlook.

This year, let’s gift them an independent Christmas with Arthr. Here, we have a selection of products that Arthr has designed and created for and with people with arthritis, plus the Loved By Arthr range which have been hand-picked and tested by experts to ensure they are suitable for people with arthritis.

Special gifts that make a big difference


The Arthr Car Door Mate

This innovative aid helps your loved ones to get in the car and get their tasks done without relying on anyone for assistance and puts them back in the driver’s seat. The Car Door Mate is the perfect Christmas gift for that person in your life that has pain in the knees and hips which makes getting in and out of the car a challenge.

The Car Door Mate is a car door wedge that holds the car door open enabling it to be held onto safely and easily. It gives one the confidence to hold the car door while lifting themselves out of the car seat independently and reduces the lower body strain. It’s the ideal gift when you or someone you care about is travelling for Christmas.

Working from Home Kit

With the current lockdown and most companies opting for its employees to work from home, this is certainly a relevant gift for Christmas 2020. Your loved ones can work easily with the help of the Working From Home Kit. The WFH Kit consists of the G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand, The G-Hold Tablet Holder, two G-Hold Home Hangs, two velour loop pads and stretch guide with stretch video access. The kit includes products that one would use often at home, such as your mobile or tablet and gives you access to specialist stretching routines to help when spending long periods working at home. Give someone in need the extra tools to be independent at work, at home and while working from home.

G – Hold Phone Holder and Stand and G-Hold Tablet Holder

The G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand

The G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand enables your hand and wrist to be in a natural hand and wrist position without needing to contour fingers in an uncomfortable position. It also comes in an array of colours like red rum cocktail, firewalk charcoal and ice scream. The G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand will help your hand relax and stay in a neutral position while capturing all those wonderful Christmas pictures.

G-Hold Tablet Holder

Christmas without books or movies? That isn’t possible. Your husband or wife can watch all the nostalgic Christmas movies on their tablet whether on landscape or portrait mode. Maybe they’ve had enough of movies and want to take the time to wind down and read their new books on their e-reader. The G-Hold Tablet Holder eliminates the need to grip the side of the tablet or reader while navigating the touch screen, and avoiding strain around the carpal tunnel. It also has 360° rotation and comes in a variety of colours like black, red, champagne gold and rose gold.


Peta Gardening Tools

The Peta Gardening Tools are great to help maintain gardens. The Peta gardening tools come with an angled handle that keeps the hand in a natural stress free angle to help eliminate strain and pressure, making repetitive action possible. The Peta Gardening Tools consist of the Easi – Grip Cultivator, Easi – Grip Trowel, Easi – Grip Weeder and the Easi – Grip Fork, getting more work done for less effort.

Recoil Knee Pads

Recoil Knee Pads come with a six spring suspension system that absorbs the kneeling impact when the knee touches the ground. The Recoil Knee Pads also help in spreading the pressure across the whole joint rather than being focused on a central point reducing the pain. They truly are the best solution to playing with the kids and getting your chores done independently during the season. Make sore knees a thing of the past.


YuYu Hot Water Bottle

The YuYu Hot Water Bottle is the cosiest companion to snuggle up to this Winter. It is made from the softest double luxury fleece, is reusable and environment friendly. It’s the most versatile gift this Xmas – you can tie and wear it around, it helps in keeping cool or staying warm while on the go. It comes in a variety of colours like grey, mink, coral, navy and dusty pink.  Plus, you can use the long bottle for cold therapy as well as heat therapy.

Wade Two Handed Teapot

The Two Handed Teapot comes with two handles which ensures ease of grip while lifting, pouring, and steadying when pouring. Sometimes picking up a heavy tea pot can be tricky and uncomfortable.  The two handled design is ergonomic and stylish. It ensures ease of grip when lifting and steadying when pouring, making the process of having a cup of tea a lot more comfortable.

Make a difference to the everyday of someone you care about this Christmas, visit


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